Youth Weeks – Rules And Regulations Regarding Player “Quotas” Explained


A major emotional outcry followed the decision at the 2023 u/16 Grant Khomo youth week, to deny WP the"privilege" to play in the main game on the final day of the tournament. 

Western Province was "punished" for not adhering to the rules and regulations regarding the player targets of the event. 

Western Province was unbeaten through the first two rounds, however, injuries resulted in Western Province having to call up two additional players, who were both white, resulting in a breach of the tournament "target" regulations.

There was no change to the rules and regulations for 2024 and if only reading it once, no union should make the unfortunate "mistake" made by Western Province in future.

Rules and regulations regarding player targets:

The targets for the squad are non-negotiable which must be at least a 12(Players Of Colour) to 11(White) split. The minimum number of black players can be exceeded. 

There are no on-field targets. 

Each one of the 23 players in a squad must have played no less than 2 full halves by the end of the second game unless declared injured by the tournament doctor. 

For primary school, two halves must have been played at the end of the third day.

A full half means the player must start and complete the half. If this is not possible SASRA officials must be informed and resolve the issue, in the best interest of the player.

If a player is substituted in the squad because of an injury, the rule also applies to them. They must play a full game if they arrive after game 2.