LekkerBoet – How to Play

How to Register for LekkerBoet Prediction Games

Go to https://lekkerboet.ruggas.co.za/ (Click here)

Click on: New to us? Register here and follow the instructions

if you forgot your password enter your mobile number, click on Reset password and follow the instructions

How to play?

Login to LekkerBoet using your telephone number and chosen password.

Click on the red button View next to the Tournament you want to join 

Click on the red button to Play

Click on the red button View next to the preferred competition's logo

Click on Join a Pool

Click on the red button Join next to the preferred competition's logo

Click on the Red Button to Join Pool and select the round and play

Enter the scores and lock your scores. You do not have to lock the scores if you want to change them later. However, your scores will automatically be locked at the start of the match.

Remember Schoolboy Rugby 1stXV predictions will lock at 08:00 on the day of the match.