World School Festival Cancelled Due To Corona Virus

The organisers of World Schools festival and 2020 hosts Afrikaans Hoërskool has announced that the 2020 festival is cancelled due to the uncertainties the Coronavirus is causing around the world.

The organisers, Carinat Marketing released the following statement:

"As everyone is aware the on-going and developing global situation regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is causing major concerns for everyone, and affecting day to day activities across the world.

Governments have shut borders and imposed quarantines, and companies have imposed travel bans. The human and economic impacts on businesses have been stark.

Global authorities led by the World Health Organization have stressed that the paramount importance and underlying message is the need to contain and try to prevent the spread of this virus due to its unique characteristics from of being highly contagious.

The worst cases of outbreaks have been driven because of gatherings and large groups being together due to the spread via contact and droplet particles.

The World Schools Festival organisers have been closely monitoring this situation, particularly over the past week, and increase of spread across countries represented at the 2020 event.

We have sought to look at all information available to ensure we can fully understand the potential impacts and consequences on anyone and everyone involved in the event, wherever across the world.

Unfortunately and with sadness due to these extraordinary circumstances, we have no option but to announce that with several of the overseas teams having to withdraw, and no alternative date options to move the 2020 World Schools Festival, we are unable to continue with the 2020 event later this month.

The Festival has always provided a unique opportunity for players from across the world to come together, share cultures, experiences and play against new opposition. However, with the withdrawals and concerns being raised we also believe that each individual’s health and welfare are always the priority.

We would like to thank Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool for their support and understanding with this situation and wish Affies a wonderful Centenary season.

The World Schools Festival will continue in 2021, and we will be confirming the dates and Venue for 2021 in due course."