Will It Fix It? No. Will It Help? For Sure.


A week or so ago Ruggas.co.za reported on Koben who was injured on the rugby field. What was not told was the agonising hours plus Koben's parents had to endure after his injury waiting on their medical fund to issue guarantees for the helicopter to transport him to an adequately equipped hospital and medical team to give him the best emergency treatment for his catastrophic injury. What was not told was their desperation as Koben kept them informed with the increasing loss of feeling in his limbs as he laid helplessly and wait.

Yesterday the Beeld newspaper placed an article regarding Jaques Junior Naude (9) a player from Laerskool Ladybrand who fractured his femur and had to wait two days for an operation at a state hospital in Rustenburg. The treatment their son had to endure is simply put horrifying.

A year ago Ruggas.co.za and some friends tried to help a talented rugby player who was on a bursary at a prominent school who suffered a career-ending injury and was "abandoned" by the school. A the end the astronomical costs to repair the injury outweighed the amount of goodwill and this boy will not be able to participate again in any sport.

Ruggas.co.za had lengthy discussions with Indwe Risk Services as well as the underwriters of the product which we hope would go a long way to assist in emergency situations like the abovementioned events.

It must be understood that this is no replacement of a medical aid nor hospital plan. This product will assist the player with immediate and quality medical expenses. A 24-hour emergency line will be in operation 365 days of the year. An immediate guarantee will be issued to ensure the immediate and safe transfer of the child to a medical facility and give him/her access to medical staff for the necessary procedures as needed.

A component is built in to help with the rehabilitation of the child if needed together with a lump sum if the injuries of the child are permanent and debilitating.

This cover includes the child whether on the sporting field, school grounds or being transported by the school.

Each child or school can adapt the cover to suits their own needs. For enquires please send an email to news@ruggas.co.za and I will make sure your enquiry gets attended to ASAP or click on the advertisement at the top of this article.

A short summary with an estimated quote is provided just below the Beeld article.