Wildeklawer Day 1 All The Results

Day one of the Wildeklawer started off with a cracker of a match and ended with an even more exciting match. South African schoolboy rugby supporters are so spoilt. We witnessed some of the top talent available in 2017 en everybody, star or not gave their everything to ensure the satisfaction of their supporters.

08h00 - Glenwood 38-12 Garsfontein

Glenwood vs Garsfontein


Glenwood started the game like a runaway train and before one could catch one's breath they were leading 21 - 0. After the initial blitz from Glenwood Garsfontein slowly clawed their way into the match but every time Glenwood's backline touched the ball they made several metres and threatened to score. Garsfontein scored a well-deserved try after continued pressure to make the score 19-5. The flame of hope burned only for a few minutes as Glenwood were relentless with their backline continuing to find the gaps running Garsfontein's defence apart. Garsfontein came out the second half more determined and matched Glenwood in all facets but more importantly, their defensive effort was up to par. Unfortunately, Garsfontein's player's bad decisions cost them and placed themselves under unnecessary pressure with Glenwood pouncing on every slip by Garsfontein. Man of the match was no 6. Runako Bryanard


Glenwood: Tries:  Conan Le Fleur(2), Janus Hendrikz(2), Siyanda Cele, Dylan Pretorius. Conversion:  Morne van Rensburg (4)

Garsfontein: Tries   Bailon Brandt, Juandre Buitenbach   Conversions:  Barry Schoombee


09h10 - Welkom Gim 48-10 Middelburg HTS 

HTS Middelburg vs Welkom Gim


Both teams had their moments in a very loose affair in the first half but the big difference being Welkom Gim's star Andrew Kota breaking the line almost at will. Middelburg HTS started to use their big forwards at the end of the first half and brought some calmness to the game. Welkom kept running every ball with Middelburg HTS's defence stretched to the limit. Middelburg, unfortunately, could not keep up with the pace of Welkom Gym and the brilliant Andre Kota who was named the man of the match.


Welkom Gim: Tries:  Dillon Minnaar, Georgen Kiewiet, Keith van Aswegen (2), Ulrich Stander, Andrew Kota, Virlyn van Vollenhoven  Conversions: Andrew Kota (5)  Penalty: Andrew Kota

Middelburg HTS: Tries: Henko van Heerden, Penalty: Morne Sonnekus Conversions:  Morne Sonnekus.

10h20 - Stellenberg  24-24 EG Jansen

Stellenberg vs EG Jansen


Both teams used their backlines and we saw in the early exchanges not a lot from the forwards. The game moved fast from the one side of the field to the other much like a tennis match, not only because of the fast action but also because there is no defence in a tennis match. The second half started with EG Jansen on attack this time with a more conservative game plan and scored their first try after they earned the right to go wide and their outside centre walked over for an easy try. EG Jansen started to make several line breaks as their backs flourished on the good ball that their forwards supplied them with. The heat took its toll and both teams tired fast with Stellenberg also starting to play a conservative style but with the score, even at 24 all both teams started to run every ball again. The score an accurate reflection of the game. Man of the match Willem Schwartz


Stellenberg: Tries:  AJ Rossouw, Andre Hanekom, Roche Malan, Angelo Davids.Conversions: Ryan Brown (2)

EG Jansen: Tries:   Jonathan o Neill, Ruben Beytell (2), Willem Schwartz Conversions:  Willem Schwartz (2)


10h20 - Monnas  32-8 Oakdale 



I did not see this match as it was played on the B field but was informed that it was a very close and physical match up until the last 10 minutes when Monnas scored two tries in quick succession to win with a score difference that flatters Monnas. Man of the match: Thinus Combrink.


Monnas: Tries: T Viljoen (2), Dandre Degenaar, Tumi Mononyane.  Conversions: T Viljoen (2), Luke Rossouw. Penalties: T Viljoen (2)

Selborne: Tries:  Marcel Neethling. Penalties: Jay Cee Nel.

11h30 - Boishaai  33-16 Selborne 

Selborne vs Paarl Boys High


Boishaai showed their intentions from the moment the game started but Selborne initially had all the answers to the attack from Boishaai. Selborne countered the free running Boishaai with constructive rugby. Boishaai seemingly only wanted to run at the Stellenberg defence that until late in the second half stood well up to the challenge. Selborne continued to play their conservative but constructive rugby slowly building their attack on the Boishaai try line keeping in contact with Boishaai on the scoreboard. Boishaai winning a very close game except for on the scoreboard that does flatter them and their supporters will be happy but worried. David Coetzer of Selborne College was the man of the match.


Boishaai: Tries: Francke Horn (2), Eric Myburgh, Thaakir Abrahams, Noegh Hayward. Conversions: Francke Horn, Seon Mouton (3)

Selborne: Tries: Sibabalwe Xamlashe. Conversion: David Coetzer Penalties: David Coetzer (3)

12h40 Paarl Gim  26-7  Waterkloof

Waterkloof vs Paarl Gim


Paarl Gim's game plan is well known and we yet have to see a side able to counter that. Waterkloof initially was able to contain them but the pressure they were placed under by Paarl Gim caused cracks to appear. We all know if you drop a ball against Gim they will score. Not much to write about as Paarl Gim throttled all life from a Waterkloof side that never gave up but unfortunately their efforts were in vain. Again a boring gameplan executed in a spectacular way. man of the match was Daniël Wessels loosehead prop of Paarl Gim.


Paarl Gim: Tries: Dedrich Glass, Henco Martins, Francois Mare, Adriaan Staples. Conversions: Ruben Scholtz (3)

Waterkloof: Try: Giovan Snyman. Conversion: Ulrich Maritz


13h50 - Noord Kaap 21-28 Outeniqua 

Kwaggas vs Noord Kaap


Outeniqua played the first half with their forwards and kept the ball away from the dangerous backs and were in the lead and in control at the end off the first half. Then they tried to run the ball and allowed the dangerous backs of Noord Kaap back in the game. The score difference late in the second half shrunk to 2 points and Outeniqua closed the game with three penalties to stretch their lead. Noord Kaap is a very dangerous team when you allow them to run with the ball. Man of the match was Andreas Breytenbach.

Outeniqua: Tries: Johan Carstens, Braam van Huysteen, Sylvester Hassien Conversions: James Molentze (2). Penalties: James Molentze (3).

Noord Kaap: Tries: Conrad van Aswegen, Edrich Brand, Cameron Hufke. Conversions: Cameron Hufke (3).


16h40 - Diamantveld 15-36 Helpmekaar 



Both Helpmekaar and Diamantveld looked to turn their season around. Diamantveld making an early mistakes on defence allowed Helpmekaar to breach their defence on several occasions. Helpmekaar controlled all facets of the game and looked as if the did not forgrt the "suprise" loss against Nelspruit and wanted to show that they are the quality side people said they were at the start of the season. The ill discipline of Diamantveld cost them two yellow cards in a 5 minute period and Helpmekaar showed no mercy. Although being two men down Diamantveld started the second half as if they wanted to win this match and scored two consecutive intercept tries as Helpmekaar are forced into making 50 50 passes with some aggressive tackling. Diamantveld slowly started to take control of the fixed facets and exposed like so many teams before them Helpmekaar's problems come scrum time. In the last minutes of this match, Helpmekaar showed why they are regarded as one of the top sides and after absorbing the pressure from Diamantveld for a long period took control again and close the game off. The difference between the two teams the brilliant individualism from Helpemekaar. Man of the match Mark Snyman. 


Helpmekaar: Tries: Dameon Venter, Tristan Oosthuizen, Jeremy Randall, Tommy van Tonder, David Cart, Penalty Try. Conversionsions: Tristan Oosthuizen (2)

Diamantveld: Tries: Charles Williams, De-an Ackerman. Conversion: Charles Williams. Penalty: Charles Williams


17h50 - Grey College 36-17 Boland Landbou

Boland Landbou started this match using their forwards to drive Grey College back and kept them pinned in their own half. Grey College absorbed the initial pressure and then took control of the match. They used their physical superiority at the back to gain metres at a time forcing Boland Landbou to commit two defenders to tackle one Grey College Boy. Their superiority at the back can be seen that all six tries that were scored were scored by Grey's backline.Grey College played with great confidence not allowing Boland Landbou any say in the match. Boland Landbou started a come back late in the first half and scored a well-deserved try. Boland started the second half as they ended the first and put Grey under immense pressure from the word go. Grey did as with the first half absorbed the pressure and took control again and one-way traffic followed.

Grey College: Tries: Ross Braude, Christopher Schreuder, Janco van Heyningen, Henk Cilliers, David Kriel, Schalk Vermaak. Conversions: Christopher Schreuder (5). Penalties: Christopher Schreuder (3)

Boland Landbou: Try: Luther Mckay. Penalty: Daren Hoffman.


19h00 - Affies 14-21 Paul Roos

Paul Roos started to put immediate pressure on Affies but the Witbulle defence was excellent and defended their line calmly but ferociously. Eventually, they did falter and Paul Roos raced to a 10-0 lead within minutes of the game. The rest of the match can be compared with a heavyweight fight between two super heavyweights. Some spectators claimed that Affies decision making and handling errors are to be blamed for their defeat. I disagree it was the defence of Paul Roos for most of the second half that put Affies under pressure causing the bad handling and error in judgements. Affies camped in the Paul Roos's half but as said Paul roos caused several turnovers with their defence. An exciting game between two top teams with Paul Roos deserving the victory.


Affies: Tries: Carl Els, Heinrich Boshoff. Conversions: Regardt Roets.

Paul Roos: Tries: Hanro Jacobs, Regan Vd Westhuizen. Conversion: Colia Louis. Penalties: Colia Louis (3)