Why High School Derbies? Here Is The Reason.



Being an old boy of nothing of note, I was always one of "those" people questioning the reason for derbies. I could never understand why derbies between schools survives the test of time. Being a person that grew up in lets call it a challenged environment, rugby was an instrument to fulfill needs. Make no mistake it was our passion, during the winter. The other seasons had its own challenges. 

Never had I an urge to take somebody to a rugby match at my old school. I was not even sure if they would allow me to attend an event, if not forced by law. So as millions of other "normal' people this whole thing of Old Boys sounded like some snobbish initiative by failed humans to make the other people believe something was missing in their education. In Afrikaans a short word for these people would be "windgatte".

Then my oldest son insisted on going to Affies. We visited the school and attended some events. One being the derby between Affies and Pretoria Boys High. It was the year 2004 and Affies struggled to win Boys High that year. The score was 34 - 24 in Affies favour. I left Affies that day, disgusted that they could not put a Soutie team away with at least 50 points but impressed with the event. I could feel the brotherhood between old boys. I could sense the love for their brothers and school. I knew this is what I want my boys to experience. I was sold.

This Saturday was the 113th time Affies and Pretoria Boys High competed on the rugby field. The Souties received a proper hiding. I got into a conversation with Dan Benji Lombaard and it went as follows:

Dan Benji Lombard - All eyes on the rugby! @ Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool

Ruggas - At some stage you rather wanted to close your eyes, didn't you?

Dan Benji Lombard -  not at all. Our boys showed real passion in front of giants. Affies were phenomenal. Love this fixture.

Ruggas - You are one ok dude.

Dan Benji Lombard -  haha thanks brother! Appreciate it!

And then Dan Benji Lombard posted this :





After reading this:

Ruggas - Would you go back after your injury to run on one more time?

Dan Benji Lombard - Mate I'd give up everything to play for Boys High one more time

If this does not answer all your questions regarding age old derbies. Then my friend nothing will or can.

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One Soutie better alive than dead. Dan you are one ok dude.