Who Will Be The Last Four?



Last year this time we all "knew" who was going to win the Beeld trophy. Then during the semi finals and finals we saw some terrific fight backs. But Garsfontein will go down in the history books as the winners beating Middekburg HTS in a thrilling final with 42 - 40.

This will be  the same schools competing in the quarter finals, except for Rustenburg who beat last year's Eldoraigne in a hard fought qualifier with 24 - 15. The big question asked is how will the schools cope without their SA Schools players? The semi finals will all be played on Tuesday 23 August to allow the SA Schools players to represent their schools.

Rustenburg vs Garsfontein

Garsfontein season was one of how to cope without their star players. First it was Papier who played at the u/20 World Champions and injuries to star players, and now the are missing Emillio Adonis, PJ Steenkamp, Ryno Eksteen and Abner van Heerden who is missing while on duty for the two SA Schools sides. Their results reflect the fact that Garsfontein is vulnerable without their stars.

They will meet a Rustenburg team that is improving the whole season. They played some excellent games during the past few weeks in order to qualify, but will that be enough? Heavy losses against the Big Boys this season still indicates that they are almost there but not quite yet. 

Who will win it? Garsies without 4 stars versus a full strength Rustenburg, that will play this game as if their lives depend on it. Do not say on Saturday afternoon this was a surprise.

Monnas vs Nelspruit

Nelspruit will be on full strenght on Saturday. This team is known as the never say die team of the Noordvaal. Although they lost their game against Monnas in the Tuks final with 25 - 17, they will be back.

With Monnas we will wait to see who arrives on Saturday. Without their PJ Botha and Nathan Macbeth a lot of fire upfront will be missing. But true pedigree can not be wished away. Monnas winning their last eight encounters, with four teams participating in the virSeker quarter finalists among them. 

With two candles of dynamite missing in the Monnas team will Nelspruit get revenge? And how sweet it is going to be.

Due to a priority system the semi finals will be played at the first school on the list below if they advance.

  1. Monnas
  2. Rustenburg 
  3. Garsies
  4. Nelspruit


Waterkloof vs Middelburg HTS

Waterkloof mainly advances due to the lack of competitors in this category. Loosing 11 out of 18 fixtures is all that needs to be said. Or is it? Last Saturday Waterkloof won against a in form, and highly rated Jeppe. Winning 54 - 43 in a free for all type of game where defense was on nobody's mind.

Middelburg HTS, champions of the Pumas region have had a good season but also loosing 7 of 16 games. They will be without JC Pretorius their captain and star player. 

Waterkloof may just be able to "surprise" us all.

Menlo Park vs EG Jansen

EG Jansen. What else is there to be said.

Due to a priority system the semi finals will be played at the first school on the list below if they advance.

  1. Waterkloof
  2. MenloPark 
  3. EG Jansen
  4. Middelburg HTS


Maybe a serious discussion regarding participation, need to take place in the macro section of the VirSeker competition. If it was not for SA School commitments the semi finalists could have been penned down in the beginning of the year.