When Will Schoolboy Rugby Be Allowed To Start?

Photo Credit: Speedshots.co.za

The question on everybody and all's lips is when will Schoolboy rugby games be allowed in 2021. Contact-sport training at schools was allowed to start since 21 October 2020.

A memorandum sent to all schools on thirteen November 2020 the Gauteng Department of Education announced that all non-contact sports, non-contact Arts and Culture Programmes, non-contact Co-Curricular activities, choir practise and National Championship and tournaments for a non-contact sport that require travel are allowed.

Currently, no spectators are allowed with a maximum of 250 (indoor) and 500 (outdoor) participants and officials allowed at an event at schools subject to various Covid19 regulations.

According to informed sources, the department of basic education will allow full contact training to begin with the start of the first term in 2021 (27/01/2021) with full contact-sport events to start 30 March 2021.

Apparently, no spectators or very limited spectators will be allowed for the period between 30 March and 25 June 2021 at school events.

The schools are advised to still apply for all tours and festivals in time as prescribed by the Department of Basic Education. A source from the Department stressed that no exceptions will be made.

Also, it must be taken into account that cities, regions or even provinces may be moved to higher levels of Covid19 restrictions and regulations that will nullify all plans and speculations.

However, it can not be stressed enough that the above are "educated" speculations at this stage, and must not be taken as fact.