“We Will Not Underestimate The DHL Stormers”


Cell C Sharks assistant coach David Williams said although the DHL Stormers have a severe injury toll, the Stormers are still highly dangerous and he has no compulsion to underestimate them.

“The DNA of a team pretty much stays the same regardless of who steps into the position although your top players do have an enormous influence in the game model.

“We know they will bring a quality squad and we will be up for a good challenge.”

Having lost to the Blues in their previous game means the pressure on the Stormers to perform will come out in how they deliver on Saturday.

“When you do get a performance like that when you don’t get what you want, it sharpens your senses around where you want to go with your game. And they have plenty of confidence from winning the previous games, so it’s going to be a great challenge.”

While consistency is one of the team’s motivations, so too is regular growth. However, when a team is performing so well and playing a winning style of rugby that is earning the results, just how much more improvement is necessary or possible?

“We looked at what they guys went through on the weekend in terms of tackle volume and ball in play and made the decision to rather focus on the review and preview and get the guys ready for a good session on Tuesday.”

“We’re pretty much over the travel now, so it’s all about getting the guys into the right frame of mind for their match preparations this week.”

“Everyone added massive value and we spoke about small margins and winning those moments, from the quality of the kick, the regain of possession and we won a lot of those small margins which led to a big performance.

“For us, it’s about building on those and celebrating what we did well.”