We Are Broke, Not desperate – Rasool


In an interview with Netwerk24, newly appointed Chairman of WPRU Ebrahim Rasool acknowledged that he has no detailed knowledge of the MVM proposal.

He, however, insisted that before 51% of the shareholding in the professional arm of Western Province rugby is sold all alternatives must be investigated.

"I would go so far to state that the Western Province have the upper hand in negotiations. We are under financial stress but not financially desperate.

"We must not undervalue our trademark by appearing desperate during negotiations and accept the first offer we receive.

Rasool further stated that as soon as the exclusivity and confidentiality agreements with MVM has come to an end he will share the information regarding MVM's proposal to the supporters, hoping to prove that WPRU is not desperate.

Rasool is also optimistic that all contracts with players will be renewed within the next two months. Negotiations with players will commence after the MVM exclusivity and confidentiality agreements have lapsed and certainty regarding the expected profits with the British & Irish Lions was reached.

" I want the freedom to discuss the MVM agreement with the players, as their anger is based on the initial agreement with MVM.