Warren Whiteley To Undergo Surgery

Photo by Jorina Raath/Speedshots.co.za

According to informed sources Warren Whiteley,  former Lions and Springbok captain plan to undergo knee surgery to possibly revive his career.

Whiteley took 2020 off to allow his body to recuperate and spent time as a coach in the Johannesburg-based Lions setup.

“I’ve seen doctors up here, I’ve seen a doctor in Durban and most recently I’ve been in contact with a surgeon in Cape Town, who’s likely to do the operation,” he said.

“I’ve spoken to as many doctors as possible to get different opinions and they’re all in agreement. If I’m to get better and if the knee is to heal properly I have to have another operation.

“There’s constant pain and it won’t get better without surgery,” Whiteley added.

“My history with knee injuries doesn’t help, so it’s going to be a complicated thing to have to deal with.

“I’ll see what happens over time, but before I get to make any decision about playing, I want to first be able to play with my kids in the backyard and not feel pain. I want to play hockey, netball and rugby, I want to sprint and run with my kids; that’s the first thing I want to get out of the surgery. What happens after that can be decided at a later stage.”