Vivian Kapp – Why Have We Not Heard Of Him?



In South Africa, we are blessed with an abundance of talent and all accept the fact that quite a bit of this talent does not get identified and is lost. However when a talent like Vivian Kapp goes by without been identified one has to ask same serious questions why? Vivian attended Laerskool Gill where he played wing. He enrolled at Marlow where he played wing in all the under age groups in the A sides. Last year he represented Marlow's 1stXV also at wing. He never represented Eastern province at any age group although he did represent Eastern Province as a 100m sprinter.

So what makes Vivian special? Vivian caught the eye at the Graeme Rugby Day as a player that does everything at full speed. His defence is fearless, his opponents after ten minutes dropping balls as they are looking where Vivian is. When he runs with the ball it is with purpose and at full speed breaching the opponents defence most of the time. His attacking play causes two, three defenders to pay special attention to Vivian allowing Vivian to distribute the ball to teammates with great precision.

Maybe the switch to 13 has everything to do with his performance at the Graeme Festival although I doubt it. Maybe the wrong school, I hope I am wrong. Maybe ............. certainly not in 2017.

"Vivian as an old man that knows nothing about rugby just keep doing what you are doing and hopefully one day someone that knows everything about rugby will see you play and identify the special talent you are. Hopefully, I have helped."