VirSeker Macro Shools Final – Garsies vs EG Jansen Preview.



The physical demands on school boy rugby players will play a big role in this weekends final between Garsfontein vs EG Jansen. It would not surprise if this will be the difference between winning and loosing.

The game between Garsfontein and Monnas was moved to Tuesday this week in order to allow the two school's SA Schools representatives to take part in the semi final clash.  We saw Garsfontein leading 22 - 8 at half time and eventually winning by 35 - 20. It was immediately visible that Monnas' PJ Botha and Nathan Macbeth was not at their best. And Garsfontein capitalised, with Bees Ferreira and his troops dominating Monnas up front. 

The talented backline of Garsfontein was not the stars this time, with their forwards in a very difficult mood. Luke Fortuin and Bees Ferreira led from the front with Wesley Thomson in superb form at centre. So no "big" names mentioned, all tired? 

Garsfontein and EG Jansen will have no injuries and expect all first choice players to be available. Garsfontein did admit a few niggles, but nothing serious.

With EG Jansen beating Garsfontein twice already this season, first in Tuks series 43 -33, and then 39 - 36 in the 3rd/4th playoffs in the same tournament, they must feel confident going into the final on Saturday. But Garsfontein will be quick to point out that during the Tuks series Bees Ferreira as well as Embrose Papier was not allowed to play due to the ridiculous u/18 rules of that competition.

Normally one would think that EG Jansen must keep the game tight and slow. Keeping the ball as far as possible from Garsfonteins explosive backs. Taking points at every opportunity wrestling a victory from Garsfontein. But EG Jansen showed against Waterkloof in their semi final playoff that they can play a open running game, they do have the forwards and backs with enough skills. So will we see EG Janses running Garsies of their feet? If I was the coach I would be willing to take the gamble.

Garsfontein on the other hand should opt for the slow and tight game in the first half. Use Bees Ferriera, Luke Fortuin and the other big boys to run at EG Jansen. Only use their potent backs when real opportunities represent itself. Then, even if they trial by 15 points at half time they, they can set their backs loose. Nobody in the Noordvaal region can control these boys if they start to run at every opportunity, from anywhere on the playing field.

But will anybody listen? Monnas did not and "looks at the score board".  

Will Garsies retain their crown as VirSeker/Beeld Macro Champions, I think they must be the favourites BUT that storm brewing in the East must be worrying, very worrying.