VirSeker Bowl Fixtures 2022


Afrikaans insurance brand, Virseker, announced its sponsorship of the Virseker Trophy on Tuesday, 10 May 2016. This competition started with the Transvaal Cup in 1920. Then came the AG Robertson Cup (1922-1933), the Administrator's Cup (1934-1981), The Director's Trophy (1982-1994) and then the Beeld Trophy (1995-2016).

Fixtures - VirSeker Bowl Competition (Home Team First)

14 May 2022

Wesvalia vs Alberton
Secunda vs Centurion
Dr Malan vs Potch Volkies

21 May 2022

Pietersburg vs Dr Malan
Die Anker vs Alberton
Centurion vs Wesvalia
Potch Volkies vs Secunda

28 May 2022

Centurion vs Alberton
Die Anker vs Dr Malan
Secunda vs Pietersburg

04 June 2022

Alberton vs Dr Malan
Potch Volkies vs Pietersburg

11 June 2022

Wesvalia vs Potch Volkies
Die Anker vs Pietersburg

23 July 2022

Alberton vs Potch Volkies
Pietersburg vs Merensky
Wesvalia vs Secunda
Centurion vs Die Anker

30 July 2022 

Secunda vs Die Anker
Pietersburg vs Wesvalia
Dr Malan vs Centurion

06 August 2022

Alberton vs Pietersburg
Potch Volkies vs Centurion
Wesvalia vs Die Anker
Secunda vs Dr Malan

13 August 2022

Alberton vs Secunda
Pietersburg vs Centurion
Die Anker vs Potch Volkies
Dr Malan vs Wesvalia

20 Aug 2022 - Semi-finals

27 Aug 2022 - Finals