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16 April 2017 - This We Do Not Need At Schoolboy Rugby - Yes, he was dressed in Paul Roos attire and did join the team at half time BUT yes he could have been a spectator that only got excited and in the excitement was not noticed by the Paul Roos staff. And Yes the whole media tent saw you and yes they did make some nasty remarks regarding your behaviour.

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09 February 2017 - All I Can Say Is Happy Poaching - Rugby claims to be professional for the past 21 years but unfortunately, that "professionalism" is only visible to a few. SARU confirmed that their only involvement in schoolboy rugby is the organising and hosting of the various under age national school weeks and the national schools' side.

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31 January 2017 - I Saw The Devil - Does this take the partial blame away from the rugby coach, rugby union, rugby agent, old "pupil" and or money. The excuse "the devil made me do it" was not accepted as an excuse in a much-publicised event in the South African sporting world previously and I do not think it will/should be accepted in 2017

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11 Sept 2016 - Hup SARU HupHup Holland Hup, Laat de leeuw niet in zijn hempie staan, Hup Holland Hup, Trek het beesie geen pantoffels aan, Hup Holland Hup, Laat je uit 't veld niet slaan, Want de leeuw op voetbalschoenen,  Durft de hele wereld aan

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02 Sept 2016 - My Name Is Thiaan - This letter was first posted on schoolboyrugby.co.za and was published here with the permission from Thiaan's dad. I hope all parents who reads this will see that a child does not have to be perfect in order to deserve his parents unconditional love and care. He does not have to deserve IT, it is his God given right.

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28 Aug 2016 - Many Of Us Will Only Remember Him By His First Name, "Coach". - We as parents, together with our children only recognises the role a coach played in the life of a child long after they left school, too late to say thank you

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20 Aug 2016 - Coffee and Condensed Milk - He made the coffee in complete silence. With a sad smile on his face he reached inside a cupboard and ask if I would like some condensed milk in my coffee. His only sin, he admitted. Then as if answering my thoughts he started talking again.

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08 August 2016 - Why High School Derbies? Here Is The Reason. - Mate I'd give up everything to play for Boys High one more time.

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19 July 2016 - Do We Still Need Quotas? - Rugby, like all others sports is dependent on its support base to grow and cultivate their stars of tomorrow. Quotas reminds me of a company like BMW developing a go-kart and hoping it will save them

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14 July 2016 - And They All Are Smiling -  I saw a tall young man and the Doc standing at the opposite side of the rugby field. They had big smiles on their faces, the young man waved as they turned around and walked away. Happy with what they saw, happy with the way the game were played. The game they loved so much. 

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10 Jul 2016 - Sorry Doc We F^%#@! Up - "Doc I want to apologise for what we are doing to your tournament and sport. Doc myself part of this mad circus, I apologise. But Doc I want to invite you to a game at 08h00 tomorrow Doc. Doc the LSEN national team is playing the Blue Valke. Doc these LSEN boytjies is still playing the game your way. Doc they do not play rugby Doc, hulle jol ruggas. Hope to see you there Doc."

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21 June 206 - School Boy Rugby Coaches Guilty Of What? Is Julle Gesuip? - Maybe then they will go back to schools and learn how not to coach all talent and individual brilliance out of the players. Maybe they will learn to treat the players as people and not commodities. Maybe then they will rediscover their love for rugby. Maybe then they will go and have a good look at themselves, and identify the source of the problem they are so desperate to blame others for

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10 June 2016 - Nee Sies Man Oom HansPlease note I do not take side in this saga. Oom Hans is well known and respected as a coach by all involved in the rugby community, so is Monnas. I also question the wisdom of Monnas' decision, especially in this era of rugby professionalism at schools. I just can not condone the reaction of Hans Coetzee and his supporters. Sorry Oom Hans but the children must come first.

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30 May 2016 - Walking The Line - A SACS Reminder To Supporters - Why can’t parents just let the boy’s play? There is so much good about schoolboy rugby in this country – the sheer number of players taking the field and games taking place each weekend. The history, the derbies and the rivalries are unmatched in world rugby. Read More

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25 May 2016 - Dear Prospective Student-Athlete  - This was a problem that was raised in a discussion today. Maybe an eye opener to the brats, their parents and coaches. This is what your child must not be to make a success of LIFE and not at sport alone. Read More

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19 May 2016 - Is Rugby Still A GameFor All Shapes And Sizes? - Overall, research suggests that we've actually now reached a size plateau in professional rugby players. Now that the nations traditionally represented by less-developed players than their high-tier team competitors have increased in size, we can predict an outgoing plateau reflected in future statistics. Read More

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08 May 2016 - The Big Loss And Now ?????? - Both games did not turn out the way the pundits called it. Both results must have been devastating to the players and parents on the loosing side. How do we treat this situation as a parent? Most of the educated people's suggestions to handle sporting and other life disappointments with your child is captured by the view posted below. Read More