Varsity Cup A Brilliant Success, However …..

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The Varsity Cup 2021 was a tremendous success with Tukkies being crowned as champions. However, the organisers of this wonderful "bubble" tournament the big winners. The organisers managed to host this tournament despite all the COVID19 restrictions.

Brilliant and "exciting" rugby was played by all teams participating. Some "purists" like myself could be excused as the defence was completely ignored with teams scoring tries almost at will.

An in-depth discussion of all things Varsity Cup 2021

The behaviour of coaches next to the field admittingly not acceptable. The amount of shouting and verbal abuse of referees and players must be given attention to. Coaches must learn to coach during practise and let the players be during the game. A team coached properly will stick to their game plan.

The players' behaviour next to the field may be typical of students, however ...................... Sportsmanlike behaviour by all sportsman is disappearing fast and admittingly not only reserved at the Varsity Cup.

However, a brilliant successful tournament, which maybe could become a "Bubble" event in the years to come. @ we are thankful for all involved and can not wait for Varsity Cup 2022.