URC – “We’ve Gone Back To Our Basics And Found Our Identity” – Marcell Coetzee


Speaking in a Bulls conference on Monday, Marcell Coetzee acknowledged the challenges that await the team on tour, however, he remains optimistic, especially with the positive mood in the camp.

The Vodacom Bulls will face the Dragons in Newport on Saturday, the second lowest team on the table, and a week later they play log leader Leinster in the United Rugby Championship.

“We’ve had a good two weeks to take in that big win against the Stormers but saying that, we used it as good preparation for this tour,” Coetzee said.

“And now it’s a new challenge, playing Dragons who are always dangerous, and Leinster, who will probably have their Six Nations players back so you can never afford to be complacent.”

"All the preparations and team selections looking forward were all done for these two weeks, and we’ve reaped a lot of rewards with this."

“There’s excitement among the boys about heading on tour and spending time together again, but ultimately it comes down to the results and we’ll show respect for both teams.”

“We’ve gone back to our basics this season and found our identity, and we’ve built on that, and we accepted every big game and challenge that came our way and that sparked the growth."

“I’ll prefer the position we’re in now, where we can chase for a home semi-final or even a final in the future, depending on how the season goes, I’d rather have this pressure than a team that might be relegated or has other issues," Coetzee said.

“We’ve learnt in rugby how quickly dynamics can change; there’ll always be pressure and you want to give your best every weekend and make the union proud."

“It comes down to your culture, it comes down to the leadership. We are not yet where we want to be and that’s what we strive for. We are still chasing that perfect game, especially with an away game where it can get a bit wet and sluggish."

“We know we haven’t won anything and it doesn’t help to get complacent against the Dragons because that’s the first lesson you will quickly learn playing against those boys."