URC – “I Did Not See The DHL Stormers’ Defensive DNA” – John Dobson


DHL Stormers Head Coach, John Dobson said during a post-match press interview after beating the Hollywoodbets Sharks 25-21 in Durban on Saturday, that he was especially disappointed with their effort on defence.

“Well done to the Sharks. Defensively we were off. Strategically and tactically, there were some really good performances from some of the second-string players.”

“I have to give credit to the Sharks. They played well, they never stopped coming. If we didn’t turn over that lineout at the end, I thought we would be under pressure. If they got that maul going, penalty five yards and they would’ve won the game."

“I still feel a little iffy because I did not see the DHL Stormers' defensive DNA. We were not making the reads and were not getting off the line."

“It was almost like we didn’t work hard enough to get off the line in defence. At first, we thought Hartzenberg was not making the reads because normally we would make the big reads."

“But the challenge for Hartzenberg was he couldn’t get off the line because the forwards weren’t there on the inside, so we won’t come around and that made us lose the physical battle."

“I don’t know what was going on today.”

“We were lucky to get away with it.”