Two Directors Of WPPR Board Showed The Door


The Western Province Rugby Football Union announced in a statement that two independent directors of the WPPR terms' will not be renewed.

A lot of speculations and allegations are doing the rounds which include the unhappiness of the clubs regarding the proposed deal with American investors. It is also "expected" that Raymond van Niekerk, a third independent director, may also resign. The name of the ANC's Ebrahim Rasool as the new chairman of the board is also mentioned.

"Western Province Rugby Football Union (WPRFU) as the 100% shareholder of the Western Province Professional Rugby Proprietary Limited (WPPR) at its annual general meeting of the WPPR company held on Friday noted that the terms of office of the directorships of Dr. Johan Van Der Merwe and Mr. Andre Van Der Veen as independent directors on the board of WPPR have naturally come to an end.

WPRFU as the sole shareholder of WPPR considered and then confirmed that the terms of office for the above directors as independent directors on the board of WPPR will not be renewed after the conclusion of the AGM.

WPRFU as the sole shareholder extended its gratitude and appreciation for the contributions made by these gentlemen to professional rugby in Cape Town for the period that they served Western Province and wishes them well for their future endeavours."