Tuks Series 2017


 Please take note: as the TUKS series is not focused only on rugby it is understandable that our concerns are not applicable to other sports involved.

BUT it is about time that the organisers of this series stand up and make some harsh decisions. With Centurion and Marais Viljoen withdrawing the participating schools are reduced to 13. Maybe they need to cast their net wider to include schools from the rest of the country or reduce the schools to include only the top eight schools.

Secondly, they need to take a serious look at the way they group the schools. Last year Garsfontein, EG Jansen and MenloPark were in one group. In 2017 Garsfontein and EG Jansen is again in the same group. HTS Middelburg and Nelspruit plays each other on two occasions excluding their clashes in the Tuks series. Surely this can be avoided.

But still, a wonderful series to kick off the 2017 season in the old Transvaal. Big clashes with the eventual winners only determined in the last 10 minutes of the final.