This We Do Not Need At Schoolboy Rugby



I want to make it absolutely clear that I do have friends in the Helpmekaar Kollege and yes their sons do play for their 1stXV. Yes, I supported Helpmekaar in their match against Paul Roos. No, I do not think that the referee was biased and no I do not think that his actions or lack thereof helped Paul Roos to win this game. VERSTAAN JULLE.

Now something that bothers the s%$t out of me is the parents, spectators and coaches shouting remarks at the boys playing, their own side or the opponents or at the match referees. 

During the game between Helpmekaar and Paul Roos, a member of the "medical staff" of Paul Roos was shouting and waving his arms in an attempt to convince the referee of Helpmekaar boys contravening some laws and this was followed by the referee penalising Helpmekaar on two different occasions. Yes, he was dressed in Paul Roos attire and did join the team at half time BUT yes he could have been a spectator that only got excited and in the excitement was not noticed by the Paul Roos staff. And Yes the whole media tent saw you and yes they did make some nasty remarks regarding your behaviour.

SARU kindly supplied me the laws regarding the Technical Area and personnel allowed next to the field of play. And yes we all realised that at the St John,s festival as well as the KES festival these technical areas is not according to the laws and accepted that as a constraint of space necessitated some innovative thinking, and this is not what this article is about.

Of importance is par 2 (b)  (v) The two medical personnel may enter the field of play in accordance with the Laws of the Game at any time a player is injured. They must not obstruct, interfere or aim comments at match officials. Particular reference needs to be made to SARU’s protocol on entering the field of play.

So to conclude: Yes the argument can be made that you did not shout at the referee but at players of Paul Roos, yes you could have shouted at the players of Helpmekaar and what we believe to be true yes you shouted at the referee to influence his decisions. This mr Paul Roos staff member caused that all of the decisions made by the referee against Helpmekaar is questioned and where he did make mistakes is now seen as being biased. Your personal behaviour is not acceptable as you are a "professional" that should know and behave better.

p.s. If I was the referee I would have asked for your instant removal but if I was a parent at Paul Roos or Helpmekaar and you shouted like that at my son I would have removed you from next to the field myself and no it would not have been by taking your hand and smiling.

"Rugby union has a long tradition of no communicating or instruction-shouting from the sidelines. Supporters can shout as much as they like from the stand. This has its roots in the public school and varsity origins, where masters believed that the boys should be left to handle the game on their own, without the coach's advice, guidance and instructions during gameplay, especially not visible from the sidelines. It's an old school cultural thing. Part of the ethos and culture of the game that's become a tradition. Over the years, especially in the professional era, some of rugby's distinctive traditions have faded. When I played (before the Rinderpest) it was very frowned upon for a player to raise his voice or shout. When a player scored, no-one showed the least bit of emotion. This modern thing of players running up and hugging and patting the scorer and celebrating a try is most unseemly. In them olden days it was almost too much to smile when you scored - you trotted back grimly to your line. Rugby was pretty much played in silence, the only talk from the ref, and the odd grunt or groan from a prop. The stands were always noisy, but once on the field, you hardly spoke. I'd hate to see any more erosions in the directions of that other game played by hooligans." Arthur unknown.