This is “VirSeker ‘n gemors”


In what was supposed to be a celebration of schoolboy rugby is fast becoming a farce with grownups with big ego's fighting for supremacy.

Waterkloof Hoërskool decided during 2016 not to compete against Garsfontein Hoërskool on the rugby field citing Garsfontein's "aggressive scouting" of players as their reason for this decision. This fight started when Garsfontein allegedly approached some of Waterkloof's players to convert to Garsies, yes rugby is a religion in the Noordvaal. Garsfontein approached Waterkloof to solve the matter and although Garsfontein proved the story to be just that Waterkloof still refuses to compete against Garsfontein.

A document forwarded to by "concerned citizens" clearly stipulates Waterkloof's happiness to also "scout" up to Grade 11 and still is available as a downloadable document. During 2017 reference was made to this document in a rugby slide show which is also viewable via the school’s  D6 Communicator pages.


 Ons beleid vanaf Junie 2010 is dat Hoërskool Waterkloof beoog om sy grootste werwingspogings

met graad 6 en 7-leerders te doen.

 Ons voorsien dat sleutelposisies tot ‘n maksimum van graad 11 gewerf kan word indien nodig.

 Ons beoog om geen speler in graad 12 vir die skool te werf nie.

 Ons beoog om net tydens die af-seisoen werwing te doen."


Hoërskool Centurion now also have entered this argument and wrote a letter to the Noordvaal Committee and insisted that Waterkloof is forced either to withdraw or fulfil its league responsibilities. Waterkloof is one of only three schools who compete in the Macro 1 division together with Garsfontein and Menlo Park. The three "Macro Schools 1" is set to advance to the VirSeker playoffs in the macro school division together with the "Macro Schools 2" winner. The winner of the "Macro School 2" will be decided when Centurion #1 and Eldoraigne #2 meet in a playoff. Centurion is of the opinion that as Waterkloof did not fulfil its league responsibilities they must not be allowed to proceed to the next rounds of playoff and that both Eldoraigne and themselves must advance to the playoffs. A letter was written and all is waiting for the response.

This is, however, is not the only schools not happy regarding the VirSeker Beker. At the Golden Lion's Big Schools League, they have a similar situation where the schools refuse to compete against Helpmekaar during the league games. Helpmekaar only joins the competition in the Noordvaal playoffs as the runner-up of the Lions. As this competition's structure is solely based on the amount of pupils Helpmekaar's insistence on competing in the Big School's league is "legal" but maybe not fair taking Helpmekaar's position in the SA Schoolboy Rankings.

A similar situation in the Valke region is unfolding as Transvalia will proceed as the runner-up to the next rounds of the VirSeker Cup as all their opponents in the league withdrew because of their strength.

This is VirSeker 'n groot gemors and somewhere somehow these adults must find a way that will protect their ego's and allow the boys to just play. Unfortunately, I think the latter is not that important to the egos. Regtig?