The Valke’s Collapse Spell Doom For “Platteland” Unions


Will the collapse of the Valke's professional leg lead to several changes in how rugby will be administered in the future? SARU is set to discuss the future of rugby with especially the "Platteland" teams financing a burning issue.

We again questioned the need for the "Platteland" unions if the development of players the primary purpose. Grants for player development is spent on salaries for the administrative personnel of the amateur leg of these Unions. SARU's role in setting guidelines for the administration of the "platteland" unions is needed and even more important is the policing of those guidelines.

The u/20 competitions for 2021 are still not finalised. If the Varsity Cup and u/20 Currie Cup is played at the same time, u/20 rugby in the smaller unions is set to disappear completely. Many u/20 provincial teams are dependant on Varsity Cup players' availability to the Unions.

I can only see the doom while Bart still believes in miracles.