The “GEES” In The Bulls Camp Is Great

Photo by Jorina Raath/

The Vodacom Bulls App enable their supporters to communicate with head coach Jake White on a regular basis. On their NO HOLDS BARRED with Jake White he said that he understands that the Bulls need to win to get the supporters back into Loftus Versveld. 

He said he is confident that the "LUS" of the supporters will ensure a full stadium in a rugby-mad city as soon as supporters are allowed back. According to White, the supporting staff's efforts resulted in a happy team who is excited to be back training and confirmed that the "GEES" is great among the players.

White said it is always great to have two international scrumhalves with differing styles like Embrose Papier & Ivan van Zyl at his disposal. 

“One has great running ability and the other has great passing ability, I think are both obviously very talented in their own way.

He said conditions and opponents will be a determining factor when deciding who will play.

“There is a role for both to be in the team. What is nice is that they are so uniquely different which helps us in terms of game analysis and also not being predictable when we play certain teams.”

A question regarding the impact of the summer conditions was asked.

“It is wonderful to play over Christmas and New Year,” White said, adding: “When I coached in France they played on New Year’s Day and Boxing Day.

“It is new for South African supporters, but it is wonderful. Imagine having a Christmas lunch and then getting up on Boxing Day to watch rugby.

“It will be wonderful for the supporters to watch live rugby on January 2 as well.”

White said he is confident that for the players who have played all over the world it will be easy to adapt to the "new" conditions playing in December and January in South Africa.

“Having also played in other competitions around the world, you have to adapt to the conditions. It could be nice quick-paced games, nice hard field and nice sunshine. Hopefully, we will also see some exciting rugby.”