The Eastern Cape – What to Expect The Week Ending 14 May 2017



The games in the Eastern Cape is following the script with not many surprises week after week. But the "other" teams are showing that an upset is coming sooner than later.

Dale College is hosting Selborne in one of those matches that could just go to the home team. Dale season does not make for nice reading but if you concentrate you will see that their losses came against top teams like Monnas and Drostdy HTS and the same Queens team that gave Selborne the fright of their live last weekend. Dale College does not have a physically big team but what is big is those hearts beating in the "small" frames of their players. Selborne's losses also came against Monnas, Boishaai and Helpies having won six of their nine games this year. Last weekend they really had to dig very deep to beat a Queens team that just did not want to give up. Selborne playing a more structured game will have to keep the game tight as the small men from Dale will run with all the ball they get from anywhere on the field.

Muir, who is having a horrible season won against a Nico Malan who only lost their third game last weekend and is facing a Brandwag team that won against Daniël Pienaar 55-10 last weekend. Both sides will be looking to continue on their winning ways to give their season a more acceptable look. Brandwag will be expecting from their forwards to control the game as the Muir side likes to run with the ball with great interplay between their forwards and backs.

Marlow will be in a better mood after having a horrible KES Festival where they lost two out of three games. Since then they only lost against Brandwag in five games with their latest victim Bloemfontein's Jim Fouche. They face a good Nico Malan side who may have lost against Muir last weekend but still having an excellent season. Marlow is playing fifteen man rugby with their scrummy who is directing traffic and causing havoc. Nico Malan may have the bigger men up front but I do think Marlow should take this one.

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