The Eastern Cape As Busy As Usual And Then Grey Arrives



The Eastern Cape will be as busy as usual with most of the teams playing. Selborne, however, has a guest most will try to avoid especially after what happened to them the previous weekend.

Selborne welcomes Grey College in what could be a match that never should have been. Selborne is experiencing a below par season with losses against Monnas, Helpmekaar, Boishaai and the biggest surprise of them all against Dale last weekend. Grey, on the other hand, won all except for the last one against Boishaai on home turf. And that hurts especially after the outcry after this loss. Grey should win this one with ease unless Selborne has stored something special the whole season just for Grey.

This time of the season the pecking order is more or less sorted and results can be predicted with quite a bit of accuracy. I can not see any upsets for this weekend in the Eastern Cape with St Andrew's, Kingswood and Dale College easy winners. Nico Malan who is not having a great season should be too strong for Despatch.