The Central Union’s Pecking Order Sorted Or Not – Week Ending 21 May 2017


The Central Union's pecking order is still up for grabs as the big schools are in the midst of provincial trials and big games.

The Griffons League front-runner, Welkom Gym had a relatively easy win, 40-26 against Wilgerivier while the 2nd place was decided by Witteberg beating Voortrekker Bethlehem, 16-14 claiming a historical first win in 11 years. Kroonstad AHS won 28-17 against Hentie Cilliers and Goudveld demolished the struggling Sasolburg HTS.

Noord Kaap won against a Duineveld, 40-22 who initially surprised all with their game against a much higher rated Noord Kaap. Diamantveld is still struggled to beat Upington with only 15-3. Upington's season reads played 9 lost 7 and only those stats must be very worrying to coach Jaco Dames as Diamantveld has still a long season ahead.

Louis Botha was beaten by Jim Fouche, 30-34 in a very entertaining match full of running. This victory will however not calm the nerves for Jim Fouche who will be on the receiving side next weekend against a hurting Grey College.

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