The Central Union Not Going Into A Winter Sleep, Yet


This is the second worst weekend on the schoolboy rugby calendar, the worst is the last weekend of the schoolboy rugby season. This weekend will see the action at most Regions coming to a complete standstill. But let's be thankful for the matches we still have to look forward this weekend.

Hendrik Potgieter already gave St Andrew's of Bloemfontein another klap after St David's beat them 67-10 last weekend. Hendrik Potgieter welcomed them on their hard fields and then showed no hospitality by beating them 31-14 sending them back to Bloemfontein with some more injuries and very sore bodies.

Voortrekker Bethlehem was in a hurry to start preparing for the upcoming exams beating Wilgerivier 41-10. Voortrekker only has Goudveld as a fixture on 29 Jul 2017 before the playoffs start for the Kovsies Cup if they qualify. Hentie Cilliers should prepare for a big battle if they want to turn their season around against Wilgerivier. Wilgerivier smashed Welkom HTS 64-0 last weekend and Hentie Cilliers' season is not looking good having won just 2 matches from 9 this year.

Welkom Gim has dealt with everything anybody in the Griffons league had to offer and this game against Welkom HTS should not give them any nightmares. Welkom HTS lost 0-64 against Wilgerivier and this should be even uglier. Siestog. Witteberg should be confident against Goudveld. Although Goudveld is on a high after good wins the past three weeks there is nothing one can say to them for encouragement as Witteberg may have lost against Welkom Gim but they made the frontrunners in the league work very hard for their victory.

Noord Kaap is playing Landboudal who lost 47-14 against Diamantveld last weekend. Noord Kaap will still feel the adrenaline after last weekend's win against Drostdy HTS and should win with ease.