The Battles Schoolboy Rugby Faces Before The Restart Of Matches

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SARU, the SA Schools Rugby Association (SASRA) and the Department of Basic Education (DBE) all issued statements in quick succession last week, allowing schoolboy rugby to start immediately with non-contact training.

A minimum period of four weeks of non-contact training followed by a four week minimum period of contact training before matches can commence.


Selection, contacts, bursaries and other questions discussed


It is accepted that contact-training and games will not start before South Africa return to Covid Level 1.

However, several other regulations and protocols are in place and will have to be adhered to before schoolboy rugby can return to normality.

Schools are required to "apply" for permission from the DBE within a specified period before a game can take place whether local or across borders travelling is required.

When hosting games and/or festivals several protocols are in place. No spectators are allowed, restrictions on the number of people at the premises, only one access point to the premises, sanitising of premises etc. etc. etc. and etc.

Then the schools and coaches will have to make several emotional decisions. Will grade 12 learners be selected, will any attention be given to B, C and lower teams and will professional coaching still be funded in future as schools are under tremendous financial pressure.