The All Blacks Show Their Belly While We Are Happy The Boks Stayed At Home

Argentina beat New Zealand for the first time in their history with a 25-15 win in the Rugby Championship.

The match was Argentina's first Test in 13 months, and their victory ensured the All Blacks suffered a second defeat in a row, after losing to Australia. This was the first back-to-back losses since 2016 while the Springboks managed the same team back-to-back win against New Zealand in 2009.

During the past two tests, the All Blacks again showed that they hate it when their opposition does not treat them with respect. Some aggression and in your face play has always been their downfall in recent history.

The discussion then turned to the Springboks' decision not to go to Australia. Bart and I still are adamant that the experience gained by our developing youngsters who competed against our top players will show in years to come.

Interesting viewpoints.