Stormers’ Senior Players Challenge Juniors

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DHL Stormers Forwards Coach Rito Hlungwani has been pleased with the way the senior players are challenging the younger players in the squad to hold them accountable in training.

“Something that makes our environment unique is that the senior players demand a lot from each other, in terms of what they produce at training.

“They also give the youngsters the power to call them out if the youngsters feel they are not producing quality training.

“It is good that the older boys give the younger players the power to be vocal, ask questions and point out things that need to be done better.

“It is a two-way system, the senior players help the younger boys, but the younger boys are also in a position to question things. So it is a very good learning environment that we have,” he said.

Hlungwani said that captain Siya Kolisi and his fellow senior players have been key in driving this environment.

“Siya was quite open with the younger guys, telling them that they are not here to make up numbers, but they are here to contribute. So he made it clear that he expects them to have the confidence to contribute and add any valuable info that they might have.

“It is a beautiful learning environment we have currently, with everyone learning from each other.
“You get a 100 cap DHL Stormers player like Frans [Malherbe] assisting Sazi Sandi, who still has to get a cap. The conversation that they are having, I learn a lot myself just from listening to the two of them communicate.

“Sazi asks a lot of questions, Frans will tell him how it feels and ask some questions of his own, it’s brilliant,” he added.