St Andrew’s (72) Gives Meaning To The “K” in K Day Against Kingswood (5)


After two years where Kingswood was the victors the result of this fixture was unfortunately never in doubt. Kingswood only managed to win 5 from 12 matches this year while St Andrew's season reads played 13 lost 2 with victories against Grey High and Selborne in the past 3 weeks.

The game was played in extremely windy conditions but this did not stop the boys from throwing the ball around. It took St Andrew's 4 minutes to score the first try and after 10 minutes the score was 12-7 and it was clear that defence was not a word or action we would hear and see a lot of in this match.

And unfortunately, the rest of the match was very one sided with the boys from St Andrew's taking revenge for the previous two year's losses. Halftime the score was 29-5 with Kingswood doing their utmost to stay in the game, but St Andrew's was in control of every facet of the game.

The second half saw St Andrew's simply running Kingswood of their feet. Matt More enjoying the outing scoring four brilliant tries with 8 boys from St Andrew's eventually crossing the Kingswood try line.

Kingswood will definitely remember this Klap and should be back in 2018 for revenge.


St Andrew's 72(29): Tries: Sharwood, More (4), Mngxaso (2), Allanson, Dugmore, de Vos, Evans, Makani. Conversions: Koster (6)

Kingswood 5(5): Try: Mtuku