Sports Cover

The most important to remember that this is NOT A MEDICAL AID and should not be used as an alternative thereof and covers only accidental bodily injuries. The premiums quoted are an annual premium.


When is your child covered?

Your child is covered whenever he/she is present at his school or elsewhere while participating in any school activity.

Core Benefit - R 30.00

This service will ensure that your child gets immediate emergency transport to the nearest medical facility that has the experience to treat your child's injuries. He/she will be medically stabilised and thereafter be transported to the medical facility your medical aid prescribed or to the nearest government medical facilities.

An R50 0000 guarantee will be issued for any emergency medical treatment administered in response to the injury that requires immediate medical treatment.

Netcare911 Medical Emergency services are the preferred service provider but in the event that Netcare911 cannot respond immediately, alternative medical emergency response will be contacted immediately.


Bone & Dental Fractures - R 300.00

Major Bone Fracture – For the purpose of this insurance the Major Bones includes, the skull, humorous, femur and tibia

Other Bone FracturesAll other bones not already defined as major or jaw bones

Jaw Fracturea fracture of the mandible or the maxilla, but excludes fractures of the alveolar bone

Fracturemeans open or closed fracture but excludes bones that are mildly cracked and which do not require surgical reduction.

a) Fractured Tooth – R2 500

b) Tooth Knocked out – R3 000

c) Major Bone Fracture – R6 000

d) Other Bone Fracture – R2 000

e) Jaw Fracture – R6 000

f) Laceration – R500 once off

Permanent Total Disability 

In the event of permanent disability one seldom makes provision for the costs involved to adapt your home and life to facilitate the disability of your child.

R 500 000 cover - R 300.00

R 1 000 000 cover - R 600.00

R 2 000 000 cover - R 1200.00

Emergency Expenses - R50.00

This is only available if you also take the Core and Permanent Disability Cover are selected.

There is an excess of R 500.00 per claim and for Sport related injuries an excess of R 1500.00 per claim. This benefit is only valid for 30 days after the injury.

The following limits are applicable:

Physiotherapy - R 2500.00

Biokinetics - R 2500.00

Scans and X Rays - R 7000.00

The following Automatic Extension will also apply:

  1. HIV Assist including ARV's - In the event of Accidental Bodily Injury which may result in exposure to the HIV virus (which includes rape) assistance is provided in the form of free ARV therapy, emergency transport to an appropriate medical facility, counselling and blood tests.