South African Fixtures “Leaked” For SuperRugby Zans Afrika

Photo by Jorina Raath/

The fixtures for the upcoming 2020 SuperRugby Zans Afrika competitions have been "leaked". The seven local franchises will compete in competition from 10 October 2020 with the finals to be played 23 January 2020. The seven unions to compete are the Bulls, Cheetahs, Griquas, Lions, Pumas and Stormers.

26 September:  SuperHero Sunday (Loftus Versveld)

10 October:
Cheetahs vs Pumas
Sharks teen Lions
Bulls teen Griquas
17 October:
Griquas vs Bulls
Griquas vs Pumas
Stormers vs Lions
24 October:
Lions vs Cheetahs
Bulls vs Sharks
Pumas vs Stormers
31 October:
Bulls vs Stormers
Lions vs Griquas
Pumas vs Sharks
7 November:
Sharks vs Cheetahs
Lions vs Bulls
Griquas vs Stormers
14 November:
Griquas vs Sharks
Stormers vs Cheetahs
Lions vs Pumas
21 November:
Cheetahs vs Griquas
Bulls vs Pumas
Sharks vs Stormers
28 November:
Stormers vs Bulls
Griquas vs Lions
Sharks vs Pumas
5 December:
Bulls vs Cheetahs
Pumas vs Griquas
Lions vs Stormers
12 December:
Cheetahs vs Lions
Sharks vs Bulls
Stormers vs Pumas
19 December:
Pumas vs Cheetahs
Lions vs Sharks
Griquas vs Bulls
26 December:
Cheetahs vs Sharks
Bulls vs Lions
Stormers vs Griquas
2 January:
Sharks vs Griquas
Cheetahs vs Stormers
Pumas vs Lions
9 January:
Griquas vs Cheetahs
Pumas vs Bulls
Stormers vs Sharks
16 January 2021:
23 Januarie: