Siya Kolisi – “Until my life matter no life matters”

Photo by David Rodgers/Getty Images on behalf of World Rugby

World Cup-winning Springbok captain Siya Kolisi broke his silence about the Black Live Matter saga in an Instagram post.

"Until my life matter no life matters"

South Africa and the world is on a guilty trip regarding racism and Kolisi is caught up in the middle of being a good leader and a bitter black man that needs to find excuses for their current sufferings. Unfortunately, Siya is speaking from his heart and people will interpret it in a manner to advance their own political views. 

However, listen to what he is saying below and see it through the eyes of a person that had to struggle to adapt to a new life in a new environment. See it through the heart of a person that maybe just know about the struggles of a black township boy.

Personally, I think that the #BLF movement has a point, but if we are brutally honest their suffering is the same as the suffering all poor people have to endure. All over the world, poor people of all colours and ethnicities are treated daily the same way as black people were treated under apartheid. 

Unfortunately currently in South Africa, poor white children have to endure the same hardships as poor black children while having to overcome the additional hurdle of being classified as being advantaged, having to fight laws that refuse them the right to be seen as the same as their fellow struggling South Africans.