Shaun Jackson – Head Coach Helpmekaar 1stXV



Shaun Jackson matriculated in 1997 at Hoërskool Randburg. He was part of the 1st team for 3 years. He represented the Lions at Craven Week and also travelled to Europe as part of the Pro- Am team in 1997.

Apart from Shaun’s achievements as a rugby player, he has also flourished as an athlete with numerous titles behind him.

After finishing school, he played for the Lions 0/19 A side. A serious injury led to the end of his rugby and athletics career. Returning to sport was not possible and thus Shaun placed his focus on coaching both rugby and athletics and has flourished ever since. Shaun has been chosen to be part of the Lions Coaching team for the Cravenweek 2017. Apart from his rugby coaching Shaun also coaches athletics at Helpmekaar and the University of Johannesburg (UJ).

Shaun studied towards his degree in B. Com Sport Management, thereafter Honours in Sport Science and completed his P.G.C.E. During 2002/2003. He was appointed as the RAU (UJ) 1st rugby team Sport Scientist and fitness coach where he has learned a great deal. 

Shaun joined Helpmekaar Kollege in January 2008. He was appointed as the Head of Sport at Helpmekaar in April 2015 as well as being assigned the role of Head Coach of the 1st Rugby Team. Since his involvement with the 1st team, the teams ranking has moved from 46 to being ranked the 8th best rugby school team in South Africa. This is quite a remarkable improvement, also taking into account the fact the Helpmekaar is classified within the big school league, and most other teams ranking top is classified as macro schools.

Shaun has been privileged to win the BeeldTrophee 7 times. In 2015 the 1st team won their first BeeldTrofee in 40 years, and repeated this great achievement in 2016.

What could his success as a coach be attributed to is the question. "Players must enjoy what they are doing, if a person enjoys what they are doing, you tend to get much more out of them."  It is thus his motto to ensure that every player plays because he wants to, and that every moment is something to contribute to their story which they would want to tell to the world one day.

When coaching a holistic approach must be taken, considering all aspects of the player focusing on the physical and physiological needs. Imprinting excellent technique is a crucial part of creating a great team. Shaun believes in every player that crosses his road, and his main goal is to develop each boy to its full potential through establishing a positive relationship between player and coach, with mutual respect. Without mutual respect one can’t build a team and legacy and is thus of the utmost importance. Being able to play sports is a God given talent and should be treated with the respect it deserves.