Sean Erasmus On Covid Training At The Emirates Lions

Photo by Jorina Raath/

Emirates Lions defence coach Sean Erasmus was asked to reflect on the past two weeks of training with specific focus on his field of expertise. He conceded that it was challenging to do the necessary preparation to get everyone ready for when rugby will start but he was positive about the systems that are in place bearing in mind the team is still busy with non-contact training.

“The focus in terms of defence is to train in our groups of five players and making sure that there is clarity and understanding within the system of what we want to achieve. But also that each individual understands his role.

“We worked hard on the technique of each individual player and spent time in the gym on that.  With the groups of five we worked on mini units within the system on defence. It is a bit difficult with the groups of five but I feel we worked really hard and the players are in a good place in terms of what their roles are and what we want to achieve.

“We can’t wait for the day that we can all train together as a team and then we will take the next step. But for the moment we focus on the individual player and the mini units of five,” the coach explained.