Schoolboy Rugby – Welcome To The 2024 Draft – Are You Good Enough?


Do you have what it takes? We are looking for six "scouts" to build their team while being continuously judged by our well-mannered readers. Applications can be sent to with a short justification of why you deserve a spot on this panel.

The purpose is to see if six unions have sufficient talent in South Africa to compete at the top level. A brilliant spin-off was the contracting of several "unknown" stars after being drafted.

The draft will start on 15 Jul 2024 and end on 23 August 2024.

The Rules:

1 You have a budget of R 100 000 000.00
2 You must buy a squad of 23 schoolboy rugby players, Head of Rugby, Head Coach, Forward Coach and Backline Coach.
3 You may not bid more than R 5 000 000.00 per bid.
4 There is no maximum bid on four players/coaching.
5 You may not bid less than R 1 000 000.00 per player/coaching.
6 You may draft u/17, u/18 and/or u/19 boys that have played in the 1stXV for their school.
7 You may not "draft" a player out of position.
8 Your squad must include a second front row (#16 - hooker, #17 - loosehead, #18 - tighthead).
9 The highest bidder wins, however, if two "managers" bid the same amount the "manager" with the highest ranking will win the bid.