Schoolboy Rugby Set To Lose Brilliant Administrator


It has been confirmed that LSEN (Learners with Special Educational Needs) Rugby's President Josua du Plessis will be stepping down at the end of 2021 after serving LSEN rugby as an Executive Member for 22 years and SA Schools as an Executive Member for 12 years.

The Extensive and impressive rugby résumé of Mr du Plessis can only maybe do justice to 1% of his contribution to LSEN Rugby and its community. Mr du Plessis worked tirelessly in creating opportunities for "his" schools, teachers and children.

On a personal note, I met Josua during the 2016 Craven Week and were immediately impressed with the gentleman who, despite his "position", treated everybody, myself included, with the utmost respect and kindness. During the past five years of friendship, I was educated in how to act with humility, passion and integrity no matter my circumstances and the personal sacrifices required.

Rugby Resumé

1. National Participation
1.1. South Africa LSEN Executive Member (22 years)
1.2. South Africa LSEN Chairman (12 years)
1.3. South Africa Schools Executive Member (12 years)
1.4. Coach South Africa LSEN B Team (2 years)

2. Provincial Participation
2.1. Chairman Pumas LSEN Rugby Union (4 years)
2.2. Chairman Lions LSEN Rugby Union (2 years)
2.3. Head Coach of the Lions LSEN Craven Week team (2 years)
2.4. Convener of Selectors for Lions LSEN Craven Week (4 years)

3. Youth Weeks attended as an official or coach
3.1. Craven Week u/18 (12)
3.2. Academy Week u/18 (6)
3.3. Craven Week LSEN (25)
3.4. Total Youth Weeks Attended (43)

4. Awards Received

4.1. National Awards
4.1.1. Long term Service awards for SA LSEN Rugby – 5 years, 10 years, 15 year and 20 years
4.1.2. Long term Service awards for SA Schools rugby – 5 years and 10 years.

4.2. General Awards
4.2.1. North Vaal LSEN Rugby award for promoting rugby under the LSEN Sector.
4.2.2. North Vaal LSEN Rugby award of excellence for a contribution towards LSEN rugby in the North Vaal (Valke, Bulls, Lions, Leopards and Pumas)

5. General
Chairman of the GLSS (Gauteng LSEN School Sport) GLSS includes 4 sectors namely:
1.1. MID (Mildly Intellectual Disabled)
1.2. SID (Severely Intellectual Disabled)
1.3. PD (Physical Disabled)
1.4. Deaf and VI (Visual Impaired)
1.5. The four sectors mentioned above, caters for 26 different Sporting Codes of which rugby features in the MID Sector.