Schoolboy Rugby – Grey High School Determined To Claim First Win Over Paul Roos Since 2017


Get ready for a fierce rivalry to reignite this weekend as Grey High School prepares to host Paul Roos Gymnasium in a much-anticipated Sportsmans Warehouse Premier Interschools derby. The battleground shifts to the Kolisi field, where Grey High School is determined to rewrite history and reclaim victory from their Stellenbosch rivals.

Since their last triumph in 2017, Grey High School has been thirsting for redemption against Paul Roos. This match is more than just a game; it's a chance for Grey to break free from the chains of defeat and reignite their legacy on home turf. The tension is palpable as they gear up to face a Paul Roos team riding high on success, showcasing exceptional form across all age group teams and their 1st XV.

In the past decade, these two powerhouses have engaged in fierce battles, with Grey High School securing 4 wins, including a remarkable three-year winning streak from 2012 to 2014. However, Paul Roos holds a slight advantage in overall matches won. Yet, as the saying goes, home advantage can turn the tide of any contest, and Grey High School is poised to seize this opportunity.

The stage is set for an epic showdown filled with adrenaline-pumping moments, strategic brilliance, and raw dogged determination. Fans can expect nothing short of a rugby spectacle as Grey High School and Paul Roos Gymnasium face off in a battle that transcends mere competition—it's a quest for glory and redemption.

Last 10 Matches Results:
2012/04/21 Paul Roos 19-23 Grey High
2013/04/20 Paul Roos 18-23 Grey High
2014/04/12 Paul Roos 26-27 Grey High
2015/04/18 Paul Roos 34-03 Grey High
2016/04/09 Paul Roos 34-21 Grey High
2017/05/06 Paul Roos 20-22 Grey High
2018/04/21 Paul Roos 43-08 Grey High
2019/04/13 Paul Roos 24-18 Grey High
2022/04/09 Paul Roos 30-14 Grey High
2023/04/15 Paul Roos 39-24 Grey High

Grey High School 2024 Season:
2024/03/15 Hudson Park 44-05 Grey High
2024/03/23 Hilton 17-34 Grey High
2024/04/06 Muir College 60-00 Grey High
2024/04/13 Dale College 25-32 Grey High
2024/04/20 Wynberg BHS 10-10 Grey High

Grey High School have played 5 games so far, winning 2, losing two and drawing their last game against a strong Wynberg Boys. It’s difficult to measure their strength this year but after a draw against Wynberg, their confidence might just be on the rise.

Paul Roos Gymnasium 2024 Season:
2024/03/16 Paul Roos 73-10 HTS Drostdy
2024/03/23 Paul Roos 30-25 Affies
2024/03/26 Paul Roos 47-24 Waterkloof
2024/04/13 Paul Roos 38-17 Rondebosch
2024/04/20 Paul Roos 25-10 Paarl Boishaai

Paul Roos has also played 5 games and is still unbeaten, having good wins against the likes of Affies and Paarl Boys High.