Schoolboy Rugby – Adding Some Petrol To Braaivleis Fires Banter Re Top 20 Rankings


The schoolboy rugby season has already started a week ago with some of the "big boys" making their first appearances this weekend. The pre-season discussions are hot and aggressive with predictions on rankings the main reason for disagreements turning into banter.

The add some petrol to the "braaivleis" friendly banter we decided to make our own predictions on the 2023 rankings as it would look at the end of the year.

The top 10 1stxv's are relatively easy to predict, however, the rest of the top 20 is a minefield that will explode in anyone's face who dares to make an early educated prediction.

The first question to try and answer is who will drop out of the current Top 10.

Hilton College is definitely going to drop out of the top 10, as their opponents are becoming "average" and apart from playing the KZN Powerhouses they do not play any teams that are currently in the top 20 apart from Framesby at the Graeme College 150th festival. Hilton's drop will not be a dramatic one but expect them to slowly slide out of the top 10.

Oakdale could also find themselves out in the cold especially if they do not pull off a surprise or two. However, to their credit, they are scheduled to play most of the top 1st XV's in the country and can easily achieve a top 5 position if and ........

Rondebosch had a brilliant 2022, however, they must not bargain on any favours from Paarl Boishaai, Paul Roos and Boland Landbou in 2023 which helped to torpedo them into the Top 10 in 2022.

Who could claim a place in the Top 10 in the current top 20 1stXVs on the ranking?

Outeniqua with their "dream team" could/should be a top 5 candidate, however, they will need 5 ranking points to achieve that and taking into account that they will only play 12 matches in 2023, they will need to end the season unbeaten or close, to be rated amongst the best.

According to "Skinder" Boland Landbou's 1stXV is set to cause a few upsets in the Western Cape which could just see them forcing their way into the top 10.

Stellenberg is everybody's second choice, however, a season packed with 20 matches will take its toll on their depth and results which could cost them their predicted Top 10 place. Stellenberg will have to cut their fixtures to a maximum of 16 matches to become a serious top 10 contender. Current Rankings 11-30

11 Outeniqua
12 Wynberg
13 Glenwood
14 KES
15 Framesby
16 Stellenberg
17 Grey High School
18 Selborne College
19 DHS
20 Boland Landbou
21 Maritzburg College
22 Jeppe
23 Nelspruit
24 EG Jansen
25 Drostdy HTS
26 Bishops
27 Michaelhouse
28 Waterkloof
29 Noordheuwel
30 Helpmekaar