School Rugby – April Fool – Schoolboy Rugby Shocked By New Guidelines And Penalties To Force Development Of Rugby For School Girls


April Fool

According to mr F April from SA Rugby all unions/bodies affiliated with SA Rugby will have to establish rugby playing opportunities for women's teams in formal structures or lose their membership with SA Rugby.

According to the statement, SA Rugby does not foresee major changes to take place as such informal agreements are already in place and most of the Rugby Unions have women's provincial and club teams that play rugby in formal leagues and competitions.

According to SA Rugby, South Africa will only become the world leader in women's rugby like the Springboks if the development of the game starts taking place at primary school levels.

Therefore, at school rugby levels several concessions had to be made and were agreed upon with the SA Schools Rugby Association (SASRA) which is also affiliated with SA Rugby.

According to SA Rugby, all schools must have two age groups active before 01 April of 2026 for girls. It was suggested that primary schools must initially compete at U10 and U13 levels while high schools must compete at U16 and U19 levels.

In 2027 girls' teams must compete at the same level as the boys, being U9, U10, U11 and U13 at the primary school level and at the U14, U15, U16 and U19 levels at the high school level.

School boys' teams that do not comply with the 2026 deadline will only be able to compete at the age levels that their girls' teams actively compete, while the same will apply with the 2027 deadline.

SASRA refused to comment stating that they are an affiliated member of SA Rugby and will have to comply.