Match Review – Sacred Heart College 8 -24 Paarl Boys HS



Boishaai played their first game earlier this morning, South African time, and already the people of New Zealand has fallen in love with the Bois.

The report below is from High School Top 200's Herschel Fruean

"This is a game that I was so happy to attend and to be able to cover these teams and really "Gutted" I cant follow Paarl BHS on their NZ Tour. I wish a lot more South African school would come here and also for NZ school to go over there and test themselves.

Paarl BHS scored 3 tries that were really well worked for and with a "Wave" of attack and high work rate Paarl BHS were able to cross the line. Sacred Heart Scored their try in the last 7 mins and really put everything they had on the line to come away with some points. Sacred Heart look good coming into their season and with their full squad back they will be a threat as usual in the 1A. Paarl BHS are a 1A level team that I wish could spend the season here in NZ, they have a strong starting 15 that will really dominate teams and I personally will follow their season this year

Sacred Heart College

Fatongia Paea
Terry Pongi
Lemeki Namoa
Sefa Maloney-Fiaola

Paarl BHS

(Sorry had no Roster sheet)

No.2, No.1, No.5, No.10, No.11 and No.15 "

Watch High School Top 200's Herschel Fruean interview on Youtube here.