Ryno vd Merwe Reveals His “Plans” With Affies Rugby

(Photo by: Jorina Raath/Speedshots.co.za)

Ruggas.co.za visited Affies during this week and spoke to Ryno vd Merwe, the newly appointed Head of Rugby and thereafter turned our attention to the upcoming World Schools Festival with 1stXV backline coach Jan-Hendrik Hattingh.

Ryno not willing to take part in a bashing of the old guard insisted that the systems in Affies rugby is of quality and he is only going to make minor adjustments. Although his focus will be at the development of all boys at Affies he admitted that the 1stXV will also receive special attention in the manner they prepare for the season.

When asked if Affies will still play Affies rugby he was only willing to say that there will be some surprises for their opponents.

Jan-Hendrik expressed his opinion regarding the World Schools Festival and revealed the first three international schools that will participate.