RuggasTV – The Pro16 Decision – The Influence on Unions, Agents & Players Nobody Mention?

The decision of SARU on the "Super Rugby" teams' move to a new Pro 16 will pose several new challenges to Unions, High-performance managers at the Unions as well as players agents and the players themselves.

The SA Cup, Currie Cup as well as "Pro16" will result in a season of a minimum of 45 -50 weeks of action during a year. Bart confirms that a 45 player cap at the seniors will definately have to be increased together with the R60 million salary cap.

We discuss several "options" to manage the senior player's workload and decided that the only logical option would be to increase the number of senior players to 55-60 players.

With the possible cancellation of the u/20 World Championship, SARU must also reconsider the yet to be confirmed u/20 competition and keep the u/21 Championship in place. In continuing with the u/21 competition it will make the promotion of players from the junior rank to the senior rank a more successful and logical exercise. 

With the increase of the senior group contracted the proper planning of a career will become even more important. A player and his agent must ensure that the player will be "developed" adequately with the amount of game-time (exposure) specified. The option to cancel a contract with the Union should also be negotiated should a player's "development" fail.

A lot of things to be reconsidered by SARU, unions, agents and players indeed.