RuggasTV – “If You Laugh When Your Kids Are Young You Will Cry When He Is A Grown Man”

Bart Schoeman interviewed Chris Buitendach and allowed uncle Chris to express his sometimes controversial opinions regarding SARU, modern coaching methods and life. Chris Buitendach is one of the best coaches that walked the walk and have deserved the right to talk the talk.

Fitness, discipline and respect were the three pillars on which Chris has built his success as a coach in South Africa. Chris' sometimes controversial opinions most probably cost him his opportunity to coach the Springboks.

He admitted being "old school" in his coaching and believes coaching according to his own recipe. He believes coaches much be religious, have integrity, discipline and coaching philosophy.

His advice to parents is if you laugh when your kids are young you will cry when he is a grown man. During practice, he also stated, "If you laugh while practising you will cry during games."

His unhappiness with SARU is also very clear. Do yourself a favour and watch until the end.