RuggasTV – A Discussion of The Past Week’s News. SARU, SANZAAR and RFU Discussed


Bart and I discussed the major news in World Rugby for the past few weeks.

SARU announced that the seven franchises are allowed to start training with a possible date of 26 September 2020 for the start of the season with a Super Sunday.

However, we still are worried that SARU does not announce the final formats of local and international competitions for 2020 and onwards. The lack of leadership from SARU nationally and internationally as is required from one of the top rugby playing countries in the world.

SANZAAR admitted that they lost the hold on the four participating countries while the Springboks possible participation in Europe is discussed. Bart like and I do not.

English players willingness to accept a cut of 25% is discussed while the USA's bankruptcy was halted in the "hope" to secure a World Championships for 2027.

Some interesting remarks from Bart to close off the program.