Ruggas Awards 2020 Announced And We Look Where Previous Winners Are Today

We announce the 2020 Awards. Nominations can be made by sending an email to for all the various categories.

We also look at the previous winners. Discuss their future and their past achievements.

The previous winners were:

Forward of the Year: (2016) Muller Uys (2017) Mark Snyman(2018) Celimpilo Gumede (2019) Simon Muller
Backline Player of the Year: (2016) Damian Willemse (2017) Abner van Reenen (2018) Juan Mostert (2019) Kian Meadon
Most Valuable Player: (2016) Regardt du Plessis (2017) Dameon Venter (2018) Adrian Alberts (2019) George Cronje
Player of the Year: (2016) Embrose Papier(2017) Cristin v Niekerk (2018) Evan Roos (2019) Henco v Wyk
Award Of Excellence: (2017) Tony Stoops(2018) Sean Erasmus (2019) SARLA.
Coach of the Year (2016) Sean Erasmus (2017) Sean Erasmus (2018) Tjaart vd Walt (2019) Wessel du Plessis
Team of the Year (2016) Paarl Boishaai (2017) Paarl Boishaai (2018) Grey College (2019) Grey College
School of the Year: (2016) Parel Vallei (2017) Stellenberg(2018) Monnas (2019) Grey College