Piet May A Legend At Grey Bloem


Piet May is a legend in his own time. This 62 year old is the "biggest" Grey supporter and claims only death will stop him supporting Grey. Growing up in a coloured community he attended white schoolboy rugby matches from a young age. This is where his love for the sport was born as the black schools did not play rugby. He recalled reading about all Grey's performances since the late sixties in local newspapers. Piet moved to Bloemfontein in 1976 and immediately attended a match at Grey, and in his words was welcomed with open arms by the community.

Piet was a speaker in 2005 at Grey's 150th birthday celebrations where the well known Grey flag was given to him. His antics during Grey games is well known and enjoyed by everyone attending. Piet can not recall when last he did not attend a local Grey game and even hitchhiked to an Affies game in Pretoria when no alternative transport was available.

Piet recently received his own 1st team Grey jersey with the no 23 on his back and will wear this, in place of his trademark waistcoat, from now on. The worker from FreeState Cricket has now his own Facebook page with almost 1000 likes.

His message to this year's Grey team when speaking to Ruan Bruwer was that loosing is not the end but the beginning of a new lesson. Wise words from a man with a lot of memories from a great school.