Paul Roos (27) Outsmarted And Out Muscled Oakdale (10)


Paul Roos came out against Oakdale seemingly not noticing the rain, running the ball whenever the opportunity presents itself. Both teams started out playing their normal game but handling errors forced the teams to play a forward dominated game with Paul Roos' tight five doing great work rumbling forward whenever the opportunity presented itself. Paul Roos used their opportunity every time they visited Oakdale's 22 to score and was leading 10-0 after 20 minutes.

The last 15 minutes of the 1st half saw more constructive rugby from both sides with each scoring a well-worked try. Oakdale was maybe lucky and happy to go into the second half trailing only with 17-10 with Paul Roos fumbling on three occasions try scoring opportunities.

The second half saw Paul Roos continuing on their merry way controlling the game with clever kicks behind the backline combined with some great mauling and hand by hand efforts by their big forwards. Paul Roos scored the only points of the second half adding 10 points to win a well-deserved victory of 27-10 against an always trying Oakdale.

Paul Roos outsmarted and out muscled Oakdale

Paul Roos  20(17): Tries: Kotze, Jacobs, Dercksen   Conversions: Louis (3)  Penalties: Louis (2)

Oakdale  10(10): Tries: 12   Conversion: Nel  Penalties: Nel